What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles

Growing Pains, The Economist

Global Food Security by the Numbers, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

New studies deepen concerns about a climate-change ‘wild card’, The Washington Post

EU to Release $558 Million to Help Struggling Farmers, The Wall Street Journal

Land degradation costs the world up to $10.6tn a year, report says, The Guardian

Farming flicks help teach ag skills where they’re really needed, Grist

Africa’s new institution to promote food security, SciDev.Net

Who Will Suffer Most From Climate Change? (Hint: Not You), Gates Notes

Kale or steak? Change in diet key to U.N. plan to end hunger by 2030, Reuters

Climate-smart cities could save the world $22tn, say economists, The Guardian

Two roads diverged in the food crisis: Global policy takes the one more travelled, Wise, 2015, Canadian Food Studies

Soil, not Dirt: A Digital Journey Connecting Soils, Plants and Climate, Thinking Country

Genetically Modified Plants Could Eliminate Food Poisoning, Popular Science

The coexistence of extreme deprivation and obesity is the real face of malnutrition, IFPRI

Marine population halved since 1970 – report, BBC

Pest-resistant maize variety opens way for technological advancement, Daily Nation

Three priorities for the future of climate science, SciDev.Net

The genetic innovation that kept the world from starving (no, it’s not GMOs), Genetic Literacy Project

Adding value to African vegetables, Daily Monitor

CropLife International lists top five tools for fighting food insecurity, AG Professional

EU panel rejects bid to stop Monsanto weedkiller, Politico

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