What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary of the news stories, reports, and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Visiting drought prone regions in Tanzania, WINnERS

Institutional support of weather index insurance for smallholder integration, The Chicago Council

African Union to Use Imports Cash to Get $1.2 Billion Funds, Bloomberg

Guest commentary – raising agricultural productivity in Africa, The Chicago Council

Winning Innovators Pitch Pulse Products at IFT2016, Farming First

From field to fridge, food waste is everywhere, Grist

Climate scientists expected ‘nothing like’ this year’s record-breaking global temperatures, The Independent

From Science to Action: Academia and Decision-Makers Unite in SUN Countries, SUN

Africa: Recruiting Lumberjacks, Architects and Carpenters to Combat Climate Change, AllAfrica

IFPRI 2015 Annual Report, IFPRI 

Bill Gates: To Boost Africa, Invest In Its Youth, Forbes

Feeding The World—With Math, FastCoexist

CIMMYT 2015 annual report ‘Building resilience to risk’ now available online, CIMMYT

Dutch men and Latvian women tallest in world according to 100-year height study, Imperial College London

What happens when good policy is good politics, The Chicago Council

Tall story? Men and women have grown taller over last century, study shows, The Guardian

Hakan Bahceci: Making 2016 a Breakout Year for Pulses, Farming First

What’s good for crops not always good for the environment, National Science Foundation

Why growing trees makes perfect sense for smallholder farmers, One Acre Fund

FAO study provides the most detailed snapshot to date on trees, forests and land use in the world’s drylands, FAO

Farming and forestry can deliver food security, says UN, BBC News

We need to eat less meat. Should the government step in? The Washington Post

Title to come: Property rights are still wretchedly insecure in Africa, The Economist


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