What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary of the news stories, reports, and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Global challenges, international action

Meet the man who changed the way the U.S. fights poverty abroad, Grist

G7: Japan, the Ise-Shima Summit, Munk School of Global Affairs

Global Standard to Measure Food Waste Aims to Put More on Plates, New York Times

Reevaluating the agricultural development agenda, The Chicago Council

100 years of global ageing, in one GIF, VOX

European parliament slams G7 food project in Africa, The Guardian

4 everyday things you can do to tackle climate change, World Economic Forum

Purchase for Progress: Growing Sustainable Food Systems, World Food Programme

Seeding labs blog, seeding labs

G7 leaders promise to boost global aid, EurAvtiv

China and Brazil in African Agriculture, Future Agricultures

Climate change and resilience 

Lack of water limits Madagascar’s climate-smart agriculture, Thomson Reuters Foundation

UNEP Frontiers 2016 report: Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern, UNEP Frontiers

How climate change could affect African migration patterns, The Conversation

Resilience: the big picture – top themes and trends, ODI

How to grow food in drought-hit Zimbabwe? Add irrigation, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Value Chains and markets

How to feed 9.7bn people? Startups take on the global food problem, The Guardian

Charcoal supply chains from Mabalane to Maputo: who benefits? iied

Banishing Bushweight: Helping Small-Scale Farmers Earn Fair Prices, World Food Programme

To transform Africa’s economies, African companies matter too, The Conversation

Commodities Markets In 2016 Require Managing Risk With Confidence, Forbes

Africa sees reasons for UK to ditch the European Union, tralac

Towards sustainable chocolate: Greening the cocoa supply chain, iied


Forest and Farm Facility, iied

World Environment Day 2016: The case for regenerating forests, IFPRI

Small, but many, is big: a review of issues in assessing the collective scale of small and locally-controlled forest-linked investment, iied


Other interesting stories this week…

Why I Would Raise Chickens, GatesNotes

In Guinea, WFP Supports Women Farmers to Produce more to Feed and Educate their Children ,World Food Programme

5 Books to Read This Summer, GatesNotes

Washington Grapples with a Thorny Question: What Is a GMO Anyway? MIT Technology Review

Meat substitute opportunities hinge on flexitarians, scientists, FoodDive

Africa’s urbanisation ‘megatrend’ needs to deliver growth, says report, The Guardian

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