What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary of the news stories, reports, and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Nutrition and Health

Managing food price volatility: Policy options to support healthy diets and nutrition in the context of uncertainty, Global Panel

Uganda: Four Million Can’t Afford Two Meals, allAfrica

Growing Food for Growing Cities: Delivering Good Nutrition, The Chicago Council

The hidden dangers of irrigation in Kenya, SciDevNet

Let’s stop with the frozen food snobbery, The Conversation

Turning Nutrition Knowledge Into Action, The Chicago Council

These vitamin-fortified bananas might get you thinking differently about GMOs, Grist

Helping Smallholders Grow a Pharmacy on their Farms, Next Billion

Future challenges and opportunities

Chinese engagement in African agriculture is not what it seems, The Conversation

Tackling the unknown: Pragmatic ways to evaluate sustainability, Thrive blog

How Entrepreneurs and Investors Can Help Reduce Food Waste by 20% in 10 Years, AgFunder

Sahel region staple crops unviable by 2050: Study, This Is Africa

Water storage, management and future of farming, Monitor

Cities Play Key Role in Climate Action, Next City

The Future Of Food In A Water-Scarce World, Forbes

New technologies for agriculture

Good Riddance, Chemicals: Microbes Are Farming’s Hot New Pesticides, Wired

What Makes Good Ag Big Data? AgFunder

Better water, better jobs, Thrive blog

New project helps African farmers address stresses in maize farming, Bizcommunity

Solar Irrigation Pumps: A New Way of Agriculture in Bangladesh, The World Bank

Carbon Farming: Hope for a Hot Planet, Modern Farmer

Biodiversity and genetic resources

Ethiopia’s vulnerable tropical forests are key to securing future of wild coffee, The Conversation

Feeding the World – Part One, BBC Discovery

Seed banks overlook wild relatives of food crops, SciDevNet

To climate-proof our food supply, go where the wild things are, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Seed Banks Are Supposed To Ensure Food Security, But They’re Missing Crucial Pieces, Think Progress

Other + Useful resources

Welcome to the International Year of Pulses 2016 at Springer! Springer

The legacy of drought tolerant maize in Africa, CIMMYT

Genetically Modified Foods Market Report 2016: Technologies and Global Markets Set to Increase From 0.55 Million Tons in 2015 to 1.0 Million Tons by 2020 With a CAGR of 12.7% – Research and Markets, BusinessWire

Tesco ‘fictional farms’ may be misleading, BBC News

Growing Food for Growing Cities: Food System Resilience in the Face of a Changing Climate, The Chicago Council


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