Update: Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis and Nutrition Survey Rwanda, 2012

world-food-programme-wfpThe World Food Programme (WFP) carries out baseline surveys within countries to get a better understanding of the food security situation and the vulnerability of households. Entitled the Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CVFSA), over 80 of these surveys, since 2003, have been carried out.

The 2009 Rwanda CVFSA and Nutrition Survey was discussed in One Billion Hungry in chapters 2 and 6. This survey being an update on the 2006 CVFSA.  Now a further 2012 CVFSA and Nutrition Survey for Rwanda has been carried out and here we lay out some of the top line results.

The survey seeks to “analyse trends of food insecurity and malnutrition over time, measuring their extent and depth and identifying their underlying causes”. The survey was led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) and the WFP and supported and coordinated by a myriad of agencies and organisations.

The study found that in general food production was increasing; markets were functioning relatively well and that food movement within and outside the country was relatively free flowing due to a well-connected road network and market infrastructure.


  • 51% of all households reported some type of difficulty accessing food
  • 14% of households have usual and almost year round chronic difficulties in accessing food
  • A total of 21% of households are food insecure [Read more…]