Global Food Security Index

Having discussed, both in the book and on this website, several measures of hunger such as the Global Hunger Index and the FAO’s State of Food Insecurity, it only seems fair to mention a recently developed index. The Global Food Security Index was designed and constructed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and is sponsored by DuPont, and unlike its counterparts it is updated quarterly ‘to adjust for the impact of fluctuating food prices’.

It takes its data from United Nations agencies such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Food Programme, World Trade Organisation and World Health Organisation. Qualitative indicators developed by EIU analysts such as those measuring political instability and the presence of food safety net programmes sit alongside quantitative.

In total there are 25 indicators which measure affordability, availability and quality (the three tenets of the 1996 World Food Summit’s definition of food security) across 105 countries (see Table). [Read more…]