Our favourite Twitter accounts to follow today

Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite twitter accounts that we think bring unique, informative voices to the Twittersphere. Did we miss your favourite? Tweet them to us and let us know why you think they’re great.

ENuNJ8OB_400x400@WINnERSinsured: WINnERS is an exciting collaboration between academics, insurance industry experts and global food buyers. The project aims to build products and services that protect both food buyers and producers from weather-driven risks. The website and Twitter account are brand new, so follow now to find out more while they build their online presence.


marchmont comms@MarchmontComms: Marchmont is a communications agency that specialises in international development challenges. Follow them for links to stories, videos and content about global food security, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management to climate change, public health and innovation.


B4FA@B4FA: Biosciences for Farming in Africa specialise in balanced, science-based information to promote sustainable solutions to improve food security and productivity in Africa, particularly for smallholder farmers and farming organisations. They are a great place to find content about their subjects of particular interest: biosciences and biotechnology.


RAF learning lab@RAFLearning: The Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab are great to follow if you’re interested in the way that accessible finance can improve the lives and livelihoods of smallholder farmers and rural people. They run in partnership with the Initiative for Smallholder Finance to promote inclusive ways to supply the ever-growing demand for smallholder financing.

DFID@DFID_UK: The twitter account from the UK’s Department for International Development is a useful source of up-to-date news about their efforts to end extreme poverty and respond to crises around the world. It’s also a good place to find case studies and find out about British international aid policy. Also follow @Dfid_nutrition for nutrition-specific stories, or @DFID_Press for breaking news.


global panel@Glo_PAN: The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition is an independent group of experts working to tackle the global challenges in food and nutrition security. Follow them for news on their influential panel members as well as links and comment about reducing malnutrition, in all its forms, and building sustainable food systems.


IFPRI@ifpri: this is the main account for the International Food Policy Research Institute – also follow @IFPRImedia for their media team and @IFPRI_WCAO (most posts in French) for their West and Central Africa offices. The institute works on finding sustainable ways to end hunger and poverty, with special interests in food security, climate change and nutrition.


OAF@OneAcreFund: One Acre Fund work directly with smallholder farmers in remote places to provide a range of services including financing for farm inputs, distribution of seed and fertilisers and training on agricultural techniques, amongst others. Thanks to their staff on the ground they collect an exciting array of case studies and personal impact stories. These, as well as the insightful comments on offer, make this account an inspiring one to follow.


Farming First@farmingfirst: Farming First is a coalition of multi-stakeholder organisations that seek to promote programmes that further sustainable agriculture around the world. Follow for an array of articles, videos and new reports about food systems and farming. Plenty of good material worth a read and a retweet.


food tank@Food_Tank: A great account to follow if you’re interested in hearing about environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty around the world. Food Tank promotes content that pushes for positive change in food systems, highlighting success stories and examples of innovative ideas that work and are scalable.


SDG Action@SDGaction: Part of the United Nations campaign for action on the SDGs, this is a great account to follow if you are interested in the 17 Global Goals and progress against them. Other good SDG-related accounts to follow are the FAO’s @FAOSDGs, or @deliver2030


And of course, if you don’t already then we also encourage you to follow our very own @gordon_conway!

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