What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary of the news stories, reports, and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Andrew Youn: 3 reasons why we can win the fight against poverty

Climate Change

Climate-Proofing Agriculture Must Take Centre Stage in African Policy, IPS

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action, Farming First via Youtube

Food Security

Ivory Coast experts propose “agricultural offensive” to achieve food security, News Ghana

Who will feed the Future? FARA

El Niño is over – but it leaves nearly 100 million people short of food, The Guardian

Ongoing conflicts and droughts exacerbate food needs, FAO

Feeding A Hungry Urban World, Huffington Post

Innovation in agriculture is key to ending extreme hunger – G20 ministers agree, IFAD

Resource use

African women are breaking their backs to get water for their families, The Washington Post

Global standard to measure food waste aims to put more on plates, Reuters

Growing reliance on foreign crops threatens diversity, SciDevNet


Global Nutrition Report: Malnutrition Becoming the “New Normal” Across the Globe, IFPRI

Crazy idea to change the world: What if we gave kids a good start in life? Grist

“A stunted child anywhere is a stunted child everywhere:” An interview with ‘1,000 Days’ author Roger Thurow, ONE

Malnutrition and Obesity Worsen Worldwide, TV2 Africa via Youtube

Food systems & Value chains

How a farmer group moved from seed multiplication to value addition: The case of cassava composite porridge, RUForum

African agri-business ‘needs investment’, World Bulletin

Pricey maize imports strain southern Africa, This Is Africa

Global farmland deals now cover area the size of Finland – campaigners, Thomson Reuters Foundation

How the world’s most popular foods have traveled all over the planet, The Washington Post

Agriculture challenges facing Africa’s food systems, GEESKA Afrika Online

This is the best news for America’s animals in decades. It’s about baby chickens, Vox

Sowing The Seeds Of Corporate Social Responsibility, Forbes


Farming hackathon to take place in Nairobi, African Farming

Use biotech to beef up climate fight, SciDevNet

Factory fresh, The Economist

Kenya is on the brink of approving GMOs, Grist

Europe and the EU

Britain might leave the European Union. Here’s what that could mean for the climate, Grist

Open letter to the EU Parliament from a Kenyan farmer: Leave Africa alone, Global Farmer Network

Open letter to the EU Parliament from a group of Nigerian farmers: Let us make this choice for ourselves, Open Forum for Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa

Rapid urbanisation in Africa, and the cost of conflict and terrorism, The Guardian

European parliament slams G7 food project in Africa, The Guardian

As an internationalist, I’m voting to stay in the EU, The Guardian

Other Stories:


FAO and ILO working together to stamp out child labour in agriculture, FAO

#AASW7 vlogs, FARA via Youtube

AfDB president warns against Africa’s rising debt, This Is Africa

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