What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary of the news stories, reports, and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

El Niño

El Niño and fighting leave 80 million in food crisis, SciDevNet

El Niño is over, but has left its mark across the world, The Conversation

Extreme weather increasing level of toxins in food, scientists warn, Thomson Reuters Foundation

El Niño is over – but it leaves nearly 100 million people short of food, The Guardian

El Niño and the acceleration of global warming, World Socialist Web Site

Food security and nutrition

Tackling food security with urban agriculture, CABI Plantwise

Making African agriculture achieve its potential, SciDevNet

How to eat your way to better grades, The Conversation

Nutrition surveillance systems: their use and value, Save the Children

Biodiversity Can Help Fill Gap Between Agricultural Production And Nutritional Needs For Healthy Living, Modern Ghana

Environment, climate change and natural resources

African migration may fuel rise in wildfire intensity, SciDevNet

GCF spotlight: Gambia, Green Climate Fund

Building Transboundary Water Security, IISD

Investigating gender dynamics in irrigation, Thrive blog

Nigeria: FG Confirms Six States Hit By ‘Tomato Ebola’, allAfrica

Shifting sands: putting carbon back into soils, Thrive blog

There’s a logical reason why Africa’s renewables landscape is better than a lot of much richer places, Quartz

Will Brexit help or damage the environment? Independent


Genetically modified (GM) plants: questions and answers, The Royal Society

The Observer view on the GM crops debate, The Guardian

Royal Society president: GM crops feed much of the world today – why not tomorrow’s generations? The Conversation

Royal Society calls for review of European GM ban, BBC News

Ending Hunger By 2025: What African Governments Should Do, elkurebedotcom

Business and the economy

How to turn Africa from a “borrowed continent” to a global powerhouse, The Conversation

The key to Africa’s prosperity? Cultivating ‘agropreneurs’ LA Times

Why investments in agricultural carbon markets make good business sense, EDF

Five Questions with One Acre Fund, Emerson Collective

This animated map shows the dramatic spread of agriculture over the past 300 years, World Economic Forum

New Crop of Companies Reaping Profits From Wasted Food, New York Times

Digital technology

Internet freedom: why access is becoming a human right, The Conversation

Outer space is the place for Africa’s future, MSN

Open Agriculture Initiative: Is Digital Farming the Future of Food? FoodTank

Other stories

Can we build a better project: assessing complexities in development projects, Thrive blog

University of Leicester scientist in battle to ‘stem onslaught of pseudoscience’ University of Leicester

Costing, Mapping, Financing and Mobilizing Knowledge: IISD and the Sustainable Development Goals, IISD


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