What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary of the news stories, reports, and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Biodiversity – special focus

Access and benefit sharing of genetic resources – making it work for family farmers, Bioversity International

Unravelling the costs of rubber agriculture on biodiversity, Science Daily

Investing in safeguarding crop diversity for a food-secure future, Bioversity International

Animals vital for preserving carbon-storing forests, SciDevNet

Knowledge Exchange Program Addresses Threats to Agricultural Biodiversity, FoodTank

Saving Biodiversity By Integrating It Into All Spheres Of Society, Ecosystem Marketplace

Community seed banks: origins, evolution and prospects, Bioversity International

Battle against time to bank world’s threatened seeds, SciDevNet

Food security & feeding cities

Food, business and the Sustainable Development Goals, Global Food Security

How to stop people dying from aid shortages? Tackle roots of crises, Thomson Reuters

Alesha Black: How to Transform Food Systems for an Urbanizing World, Farming First

Urban Farms Bring Us Together, but Can They Feed Enough of Us? Civil Eats

FAO and Nobel laureates to tackle the twin problems of hunger and violence, FAO

Climate and environment

Paris climate agreement cannot be met without emissions reduction target for agriculture, EurekAlert!

“Climate Smart” Carrots Won’t Cut Farm Pollution Without Sticks, EWG

Drought-hit South Africa partners with Iran to build desalination plants, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Bonn Climate Change Conference, PAEPARD

New Berkeley Lab study tallies environmental and public health benefits of solar power, EurekAlert!

Flash floods displace nearly 120,000 in Ethiopia – aid agencies, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Is organic agriculture really better for the environment? The Washington Post

Enabling developing countries to effectively manage climate finance, iied



Genetically engineered food ‘safe to eat’ say scientists, ITV News

Genetically engineered crops: Experiences and prospects — new report, EurekAlert!

Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta: rush for mega-mergers puts food security at risk, The Guardian

Innovations and technology

Poo-powered pumps help Pakistan farmers grow richer, greener, Thomson Reuters Foundation

The greenhouse that acts like a beetle and other inventions inspired by nature, The Guardian

Guest Commentary – Precision Agriculture: Can Smallholders Participate? The Chicago Council

Africa’s mobile subscriptions grow fastest globally, This Is Africa

Growing Food for Growing Cities: Incentivizing Private Sector Investment, The Chicago Council

Global Data, Global Agriculture, and the Universal Age of Information, The Chicago Council

And finally…

Brazil and China roles in African farming explained, SciDevNet


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