What we’ve been reading this week

In the spirit of the new year, this week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention focuses on looking back at 2015 and ahead to the future. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Reviewing 2015 

The Top Agriculture Stories of 2015, The World Bank

After the International Year of Soils, we won’t take soils for granted anymore, FAO

Africa’s top science stories of first half of 2015 and Top science stories of July-December 2015, SciDevNet

Recapping the 2015 GMO debate: Science eclipses ‘Dark’ voices of anti-biotech hysteria, Genetic Literacy Project

Weather dominates insurance claims in 2015 – Munich Re, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Why Soils? Highlights from the 2015 Soil Atlas, Agrilinks

Looking ahead to 2016 and the future of Agriculture

16 Reasons 2016 Will Bring Positive Change to the Global Food System, EcoWatch

Paris Agreement Portends A Reckoning For Meat And Dairy, Forbes

We Need a New Green Revolution, The New York Times

The climate integration challenge, DevEx

Vegetables Likely To Take More Of Your Plate In 2016, The Salt

Weather, war threaten to leave millions more hungry in 2016 – aid agencies, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Climate change: Cereal harvests across the world ‘fall by 10% in 50 years’, The Independent

Will Scientists Determine the Future of Food? Vogue

Boost African science with this five-point plan, SciDevNet

Bugs on the menu in Ghana as palm weevil protein hits the pan, The Guardian

Other stories…

To save rare forest, farmers try a new crop: butterflies, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Puerto Ricans strive to boost food production, Aljazeera

Aflatoxin: Poisoning People and Projects, Agrilinks

Influence of extreme weather disasters on global crop production, Nature

Young mums sidelined over child nutrition, SciDevNet


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