What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

An end-to-end assessment of extreme weather impacts on food security, Nature

Just growing more food won’t help to feed the world, The Guardian

Robust research program is essential to meet critical global food security challenges, Agri Pulse

Feeding people on our stressed planet will require a “revolution”, Environmental Health News

The market v social welfare: finding ways to feed a growing population, The Guardian

Hotter than August, The Economist

How Far Does Obama’s Clean Power Plan Go in Slowing Climate Change?, Scientific America

Global Agri-Food Systems: Where We’ve Come from, and Where We Are Going, The Chicago Council

Quest for climate-proof farms, Nature

Bubble desalination latest effort to boost crop growth, SciDevNet

African agriculture needs more of the green stuff, says farming alliance chief, The Guardian

Organic farming is actually worse for climate change than conventional farming, Quartz

FACT SHEET: Partnering with Africa on Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation, The White House

How Bt Maize Can Help Us End Food Insecurity in Africa, Impatient Optimists

Through the lens of a smallholder, CGAP

Growing A Future: The Green Shoots Foundation Works to Empower Cambodian Youth through Agriculture, Foodtank

Aid should be seen as foreign public investment, not just charity, The Guardian

African universities advised to team up on agriculture, SciDevNet

Africa: Foreign Private Investment in African Agriculture – More Jobs or Land Grabbing?, allAfrica

Chipotle Up, Whole Foods Down: The Business of Trust, Forbes

What if we grew GM crops in Britain?, Global Food Security


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