What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

China, Africa and Food Security, International Policy Digest

Brac’s Sir Fazle Hasan Abed wins 2015 World Food prize for reducing poverty, The Guardian

Food Security from a Micro Perspective: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better, The Chicago Council

Countdown to COP21 in Paris: New expectations for Africa or the same old circus?, Eldis

Winds of climate change blast farmers’ hopes of sustaining a livelihood in Burkina Faso, The Guardian

Technical solutions alone can’t fix climate change – scientists, Thomson Reuters Foundation

African Growth and Opportunity Act: Advancing the Role of Agriculture in US-Africa Trade, The Chicago Council

Anti-GM protesters don’t understand how science works, The Telegraph

Climate Change Is Shrinking Where Bumblebees Range, Research Finds, New York Times

The challenge of soil, Food Security

World crop prospects positive in 2015; but food insecurity hotspots pose concern, FAO

Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change, The Guardian

Africa’s climate insurance scheme expands, eyes aid agency clients, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Moving Matters: The Effect of Location on Crop Production, The Chicago Council

Agricultural Growth in Africa. Market and policy drivers, FAO


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