What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

What would success look like at Lima climate talks?, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Working the Land and the Data, New York Times

What are the conditions for successful large-scale land interventions?, CGIAR

RUFORUM documentary, PAEPARD

European Science’s Great Leap Backward, The New Yorker

USDA refocuses on healthy plants to secure global food supply, Agri-Pulse

Counting the cost of food security for the world’s richest nations, BBC News

Every dollar spent on childhood nutrition can save up to $166, The Guardian

Senegal: Aquaculture is “a response to the youth employment problem”, CTA

2015 Hunger Report, Bread for the World Institute

Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon, College of ACES

Feast and famine, The Economist

How SWIIM System could motivate farmers to conserve more water, AgFunder News

Ambition Meets Wariness as U.N. Climate Change Talks Begin in Lima, The Wall Street Journal

Joining food forces across continents, foodsecurity.ac.uk

Stern warning: Legally-binding climate deal ‘not necessary’. BBC News

Kenyan dairy farmers aim to raise yields and process more milk, Financial Times


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