What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Here’s Why We Haven’t Quite Figured Out How to Feed Billions More People, National Geographic

How Much of World’s Greenhouse-Gas Emissions Come From Agriculture?, The Wall Street Journal

Developing countries blast rich-world farm subsidies at Rome talks, Reuters

Unprecedented Case Filed at International Criminal Court Proposes Land Grabbing in Cambodia as a Crime Against Humanity, Huffington Post

Feeding the world. The ultimate first-world conceit, Triple Crisis

Nobel laureates call for a revolutionary shift in how humans use resources, The Guardian

When Can A Big Storm Or Drought Be Blamed On Climate Change?, NPR

A sign of things to come? Examining four major climate-related disasters, 2010 – 2013, and their impacts on food security, Oxfam

4 problems GMO labeling won’t solve, Grist

Scientists speed up analysis of human link to wild weather, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Africa: Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture Will Boost Food Security, All Africa

Africa’s Dividing Farmlands a Threat to Food Security, Truth-out

On leaving the Leadership Council of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, Oxfam

Farm tech isn’t a war between good and evil — it’s a quest for whatever works, Grist

The A-Z of Food Sovereignty, World Development Movement

Cotton production linked to images of the dried up Aral Sea basin, The Guardian

Intel’s Latest Campaign To Halve African Technology Gender Gap, Ventures

African smart agriculture, Agri Pulse

GMO studies examine 4 crops, Bangkok Post

Why Won’t McDonald’s Really Lead?, The New York Times

Why supermarkets are on the way out, The Guardian

Acquisition of Africa’s SeedCo by Monsanto, Groupe Limagrain: Neo-colonial occupation of Africa’s seed systems, AFSA Africa

New research: A wage revolution could end extreme poverty in Asia, with massive knock-on effects in Africa, From Poverty to Power

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