What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Roadmap for Strengthening Forest and Farm Producer Organizations, FAO

Six innovations revolutionising farming, The Guardian

Could insects feed the hungry world of tomorrow?, BBC

Beating the heat, Nature Biotechnology

Crop yields and global food security, Australian Government (GRDC)

Acres of genetically modified corn nearly doubled in a decade, Harvest Public Media

What’s the best way to measure empowerment?, Duncan Green, Oxfam

Majority of African Farm Workers Struggle to Afford Food, Gallup

Wild about Agricultural Innovation in Botswana, Global Food for Thought

Pesticide blamed for bee deaths now linked to bird declines, Los Angeles Times

Food Security and WTO Domestic Support Disciplines post-Bali, ICTSD

Why does Europe hate genetically modified food?, Rappler

Can Africa create a new green generation of food producers?, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Higher Food Prices Can Help to End Hunger, Malnutrition and Food Waste, IPS

GMOs causing price distortions, study, New Zimbabwe

The true cost of a burger, The New York Times

Forget the ugli fruit, meet the ugly fruit bowl! French supermarket introduces lumpy and misshapen fruit and vegetables – sold at a 30% discount – to combat food waste, Daily Mail

A-maize-ing double life of a genome, University of Oxford

Revolutionising finance for agri-value chains, PAEPARD

Atlas of death and loss shows global climate disasters are on the rise, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Major study documents nutritional and food safety benefits of organic farming, EurekAlert

Home Grown School Feeding: Time for Donors to Deepen Engagement, Partnership for Child Development

How much your meat addiction is hurting the planet, The Washington Post

Malnutrition a threat with use of climate-resilient crops, scientists say, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Which 7 countries are most committed to ending hunger?, The Guardian

FAO and Thomson Reuters Foundation to launch online food security information service, FAO

The future of agriculture may be too small to see. Think microbes, PRI

Why not to analyse food and biodiversity in the same way as carbon, Ideas for Sustainability

Food Security for the Next 100 years. “Remembering Norman E. Borlaug born 100 years ago, on March 25, 1914”, Ruth Oniang’o, AJFAND

Making Agriculture “Cool” for Youth, Food Tank

Can scientists save the world’s sea life from “ocean acidification”?, The Independent

Sustainable Agriculture, Thinking Country

Deteriorating soil is the world’s most critical issue – NZ scientist, One News

A Silent Spring – Short film shows the secret lives of millions of endangered species, Seeds of Freedom

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