What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Progress Reported in Global Food and Nutrition Security, but DuPont Committee Notes Significant Challenges Lie Ahead, PR Web

Commentary – Sustainable intensification: a single solution for a double challenge, Global Food for Thought

The First GMO Field Tests, Modern Farmer

An Inconvenient Truth About Our Food, The New York Times

Report highlights growing role of fish in feeding the world, FAO

Report Urges U.S. Commitment to Addressing Impact of Climate Change on Global Food Security, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Gmo myths and truths report, Earth Open Source

The food system we choose affects biodiversity: do we want monocultures?, The Guardian

Who Wants to Farm? Hardly any young people, it seems. Should/Could that change?, Duncan Green, Oxfam

14 pointers toward a better food system: Connecting the (local, sustainable) dots, Grist

Algal genes may boost efficiency, yield in staple crops, Cornell Chronicle

Oxfam prods 10 largest food and drink firms on climate change, LA Times

Facing similar risks, Africa and Asia coordinate research on climate change, Thomson Reuters Foundation

World Bank and aid donors accused of enabling land grabs, The Guardian

Ten ways to secure social justice in the green economy, IIED

Building Resilience Critical to End Hunger and Undernutrition by 2025, IFPRI

Does Debt Forgiveness Work? Ask Africa, The World Post

Organic Farming Is Not Sustainable, The Wall Street Journal

This scary NASA map shows how the world’s forests are going up in smoke, Global Post

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