What we’ve been reading this week

This week’s summary on the news stories, reports and blogs that have grabbed our attention. We welcome your thoughts and comments on these articles.

Status of development, regulation and adoption of GM agriculture in Africa: Views and positions of stakeholder groups, Adenle, A., Morris, E.J., Parayil, G.

Investing in people and evidence for sustainable farming, SciDev.net

World Food Day: New Ranking Tool to Guide Investment in Biofortified Crops Launched, HarvestPlus

Past environmental pressures affect current biodiversity loss, European Commission

Commentary – Innovation for Sustainable Intensification in Africa, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Global Hunger Index Calls for Greater Resilience-Building Efforts to Boost Food and Nutrition Security, IFPRI

Report Finds Major Challenges to Meeting Global Food and Nutrition Needs by 2050, Digital Journal

Another View: Like it or not, biotech is a necessary ag tool, The Des Moines Register

Fortifying fertilizers can fortify food, Global Food Security

Biofuel development should not compromise food security, says CFS, FAO

World Hunger Is Unacceptable In The 21st Century, Skoll World Forum

Politics is poorly suited to address global warming, The Washington Post

We all do better when smallholders do better, Roger Thurow, Cargill

World Bank sets new poverty reduction goal for 2020, The Washington Post

Study: Earth Will Reach ‘Climate Departure’ in 2047, National Journal

Mars collaborates to sequence Africa’s neglected food crops, Nature Biotechnology

How to Feed the World, New York Times

Cash-strapped Adaptation Fund puts climate projects on hold, Thomson Reuters Foundation



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